Samzuga Smart City is thrilled to offer investors/partners the inimitable opportunity to invest in deluxe branded Resort, upscale green five (5) star hotel, shopping mall complex and MICE facilities, in partnership with its developing partners. In line with our evaluated industry expertise, we invite you to review this Intelligent Property Investment brief and join our investor’s community.

At Smart City we are committed to creating multi-faceted opportunities for investors. We always seek solutions that blend the beauty of exploration with the ease of return on investment. Smart City been the premium real estate developer in Nigeria, is glad to present this investment model to investors, we will provide fully fitted and furnished Cottage (resort unit) and hotel (suite) and space or unit in the mall for purchase, alongside equity investment with guaranteed returns.  The continued improvement on infrastructure and changes in travel trends will only increase returns, and ensures exponential growth for Samzuga Smart City investors.